A couple of weeks back I was super excited to learn that I had actually won something from a blog giveaway! (I never win anything!) And just a few days ago this gorgeous package arrived in the post from the lovely Rebecca at Life in the Country Lane.

I can’t tell you how excited to finally be able to prove to all my English friends that yes, Lifesavers (the lollies/sweets) are real and not a figment of my imagination!

I decided to squeeze this quick post in before I leave in a couple of hours for London and then head on to Australia. I’m super excited to be visiting my family and catching up with friends during this month back in Oz, but I will also miss the amazing people who are part of my life here in England while I’m away.

I plan to continue this theme a little further once I get to Australia, but here’s a super brief look at what I’m leaving in the UK and what awaits in Australia….

UK – Unseasonably warm British weather in April saw English sun seekers flock to Brighton Beach on the south coast – fully clothed! Brighton Beach, England {via Daily Mail}

Australia – an almost deserted Bondi Beach in April as the chillier weather sets in {source}

I think the lone person swimming is going to be me, I’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast and that ‘unusually warm’ English weather is actually cooler than the weather in Adelaide!

Have a lovely week! xx