Firstly, a big hello to everyone and thank you for all the comments. I have been visiting and reading lots of blogs, but I’ve been so busy this last week and I must confess I’ve been a little bit lazy about leaving comments. When it finally reached the weekend and I was ready to make ammends, my internet promptly crashed. And well, I’m so glad that I have such a great IP provider – I’m so pleased that they make the effort to open for a few hours on the weekend and that they don’t go to peices at the first sign of snow…. (Yep, that’s my sarcastic comment for the day!)

Anyhoo… As everyone in the UK has undoubtedly noticed by now – it’s a wee bit chilly over here! (See my local forecast courtesy of the BBC below). I thought this would give all my fellow Aussies back home a bit of an idea of the kind of weather we’re geting over here. As you can see, snow, snow and more snow – with a maximum temp of 0C for the whole week! I have to admit however, I do just love the snow. This is my fourth winter in Europe and being a born and bred Aussie, snow has yet to loose the novelty factor for me. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I work from home, so I get all the good bits and can just stay rugged up indoors when it gets too cold.

After chatting with my mum and hearing about the 36C temps in Australia, I thought I should do some exploring of the wintry landscape over here, so here are a few snapshots to share from this snowy side of the world.

Hope you’re having a lovely week – whether soaking up the sun in Oz or surrounded by snow in England! xx