Last week I got to bring home this beautiful dresser that my very clever mum has revamped for me – and isn’t it a beauty!

I bought my little unit nearly 18 moths ago, and after living overseas for a number of years, I only had the bare bones to furnish it. As a temporary measure, I bought a simple, small entertainment unit from Kmart until I was more settled.

One of the great things I’ve discovered about taking my time to furnish the place is that I’ve really had a chance to settle into routines and figure out exactly how I use the space I live in. There are many ideas that I’ve considered and set aside, and I feel like the slower introduction of the pieces of furniture I need has made it feel like each piece really serves a purpose within my home.  

Whilst the old entertainment unit definitely served it’s purpose over the past 18 months, it had little to offer in the way of storage space, something every small property owner will understand is at a premium!

Fortunately I have good size builtins, but it’s definitely nice to have freed up some space in those. With the dresser now a part of the living/dining area, I now have a suitable space for vases, platters and other things that have no business living in a wardrobe 🙂

Do you have any purchases that have found a new lease of life in your home?


Melissa x