I have to admit when a friend of mine (in their twenties) actually used the expression ‘knees up’ just recently I had a bit of a giggle. This very English expression simply refers to a great party and since today’s the big day for Will and Kate, I basically couldn’t let the ocassion pass without mentioning the royal wedding.

I’ll be visiting my sister, Letitia from The White Shed – and I’ll finally get to see the ‘shed’ in real life. Unlike a lot of people out there who are nice enough to read both her blog and mine and who’ve been to her country homewares shop, this will be my first visit. Living the other side of the world means I haven’t actually been there yet!

While the wedding takes place, my mum, sis and I are going to have our own ‘knees up’, celebrating being together, watching the wedding, drinking some bubbly and enjoying the occassion.

What are you plans for the wedding? Will you be watching?

Have a great day! xx